VOMITON is a mask-making collective with members Kiera Saunders, Miriam Craddock and Lorenzo Rangoni-Robertson born during the 2020 Lockdown. The collective was formed out of a necessity to keep making art without accessibility to the facilities of the outside world. The idea led us to use anything and everything as materials (mostly rubbish) to produce alien, animal, plant, spirit, creatures, basically anything we deem to be VOMITONOMOUS. The collective panic we witnessed at the start of the pandemic surrounding supermarkets made us reflect on the unnatural way in which we consume food in modern society, disconnected from the process and wrapped in plastic packaging. VOMITON created an online community, encouraging people to think more about their waste and bringing people together through art and humour in a time when these things are increasingly important. Since the easing of lockdown in the UK, VOMITON has performed live on stage with band 'Maranta' at The Hidden Door arts festival and at the Roundhouse Theatre in London with band 'Mermaid Chunky'. For updates about where we are next follow our instagram!


Hidden Door Arts festival, Performing with the band Maranta in collaboration with visuals by Chell Young, Edinburgh, 2021


CIRCA Class of 2020, Public arts project, Piccadilly Lights, London 

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LUVA Gallery 'Make something that makes you feel good' Virtual Exhibition, 2020

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